In today’s cyber reality, breaches will succeed and the adversary is highly skilled in avoiding detection. The question is not “if,” but “when” an incident will occur. As IT complexity increases, skilled security analysts become harder to hire, train and retain, leaving your program with holes.

Incorporating a security intelligence program is essential for effectively defending your enterprise. Security intelligence provides the insight you need to understand your adversaries and your threat environment. You can leverage this knowledge to proactively build out your defenses, whether you’re concerned about meeting compliance requirements, internal and external threat management, or early breach detection. Security intelligence is a vital component of a modern enterprise security program, combining internal and external data, strengthening situational awareness and focusing detection response efforts to aid meaningful recovery.

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162 %

With more information stored in more places, the need for cyber security professionals has increased 162 percent year-over-year**


The data volume in the enterprise is going to grow 50 times over the next five years, with 85 percent coming from net new sources