Online Security Technology background


Our security analysts and engineers enhance your current team with deep security expertise.


Our malware and threat experts have eliminated thousands of vulnerabilities from systems around the globe. We provide insight into the threats we find so you can take action.


By providing actionable recommendations for remediation, our team can help your personnel act quickly and efficiently to address incidents and alerts.

Insight into Your Environment

Organizations seeking to advance their security intelligence need not do it alone. For many organizations, the fastest way to improve or advance their security program is to leverage managed security services as part of their over-all approach to security.

YTE Exchange’s Managed Security Intelligence service allows you to leverage a bench of security monitoring experts for your current program. We act as a force multiplier for your security team to help you filter the noise and focus on what matters most in your environment.

  • Expert monitoring for your environment.
  • Learn how to secure machines and limit damage.
  • Access to experts and knowledge in the event an incident is found

About Us

The security of your IT infrastructure is a top priority and our team can assess, design and deliver security services to secure your most valuable information and electronic assets.

For the past 13 years we’ve created and developed projects for various mediums and technologies.

We have produced work for industries such as: Technology, Finance, Health Care, Entertainment, Publishing, Automotive, and Retail.

  • Cyber Security Solutions

    YTE Exchange is a market-leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions. We help clients plan, build and run successful cyber security programs that achieve business objectives through our depth and breadth of cyber security offerings, extensive capabilities and proven expertise in cyber security strategy, managed security services, incident response, risk and compliance, security consulting, training and support, integration and architecture services, and security technology.

  • Methodology

    We have learned that taking a single approach to projects with differing needs is not always a good idea. Large projects require more structure and framing whereas small/mid size projects may benefit from a more organic approach.

    Keeping our focus on our customer’s needs, we take an approach that meets their requirements and creates the most value for the project. Understanding and adapting to the client’s processes is something that we do from the beginning and use to enhance the overall project process.

  • Company Facts

    North Vancouver, BC,  Canada
    Total Projects completed : 600+

Our Values

  • Leading with Perspective as Your Advisor

    We move the industry forward with our unique insights, points of view, ideas and solutions, leading our clients, partners, and each other to think beyond the ordinary.

  • Working in the Trenches as Your Partner

    We work shoulder to shoulder with you, understanding your needs as a team member, and acting in the belief that your success is ours.
  • Delivering Real Impact as Your Solver

    We dig hard into your problem and evaluate the bigger picture, then unite the optimal people, technology, and know how to execute the most effective solution.

  • Unlocking Tomorrow as Your Liberator

    We are relentlessly focused on enabling your success, liberating your organization and your people to move swiftly on the path to progress.